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Reading my Kindle on the beach in Destin, Florida

Mekindlejustin Have you ever taken a book to the beach and couldn't read it because the sun was too bright?

I think I've found the solution to that with my Amazon Kindle.  We spent a few days o the beach in Destin, Florida right on the Gulf of Mexico.  There's nothing like reading on the beach when it works.  A lot of the time, the glare from the sun is too much and the wind blows too hard to keep the pages from flapping around.

This time I took my Kindle which I've had for a year.  I have about 20 books on it, including a couple of study Bibles and a couple e-piles of political books.

How'd it work?  Great.  I could read each page very easily and I could make notes with little effort using the built-in keyboard.  With the waves crashing in the background, I could also clearly listen to the books being read to me.

What was my son Justin using?  His new iPad.  It worked even better. 

I will write more about the trip and upload more pictures.