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Be sure to read that piece of literature from a Michigan legislative candidate

The five Republican candidates for Michigan governor are a real inspiration . . . not

I just read this Detroit News story about last night's debate between the five Republican candidates for governor.  There was lots of rhetoric and some good old-fashioned political nastiness.

But to this Republican who's moving more and more towards being an independent, I was very uninspired. 

Are these the people who can lead our very fractured state back to some semblance of prosperity?  Can and do they listen to the people they want to represent?  Do they realize that they will have to persuade 148 members of the Michigan Legislature before they can get anything done? 

If last night's debate was an indication of the campaign to come in the next few months, I think state Republicans have a problem.  Their only hope comes from the weak Democratic slate for governor.

Our state deserves better.