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How many more casinos does Michigan need?

Ask legislative candidates about the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

Michigan Capitol Confidential recently published an expose on Ann Arbor-based Google's lack of progress in adding jobs, despite a $38 million MEDC subsidy. Mike LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, has conducted two exhaustive analyses of MEDC and the Michigan Economic Growth Authority, which MEDC administers, in 2005 and 2009. Neither agency has ever refuted a single point of fact in either. The second study determined that less than one-third of jobs the MEDC has announced in press releases have come to fruition.


Candidates for the Michigan Legislature get off way too easy with voters. They usually ask them softball questions and in return get fluff answers.

Click on the link above and read this report of research done by the Mackinac Center about how the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan Economic Growth Authority have given away tons of money to corporations in return for jobs and failed.

When the candidates for the Michigan House and Senate come to your door ask them how this can be allowed to continue.

They may minimize the research. Then ask them what they base their response on.

It's your money and mine and we aren't getting what was promised.