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Takes longer to find a job in Michigan and South Carolina

Be sure to ask Michigan legislative candidates to explain MI Business Tax

The MBT is even more hated than the Single Business Tax, which the MBT replaced in 2008.

Business owners are particularly upset with the tax's 22 percent surcharge, a result of last-minute negotiations in 2007 that headed off a sales tax on services.

The surcharged-MBT is a major reason why the cost of doing business here is 4 percent above the national average, according to Business Leaders for Michigan, which is pushing for state business tax reform.

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Is your area of Michigan suffering from a lack of jobs?

One of the hot topics is the effect of the Michigan Business Tax, the replacement for the Single Business Tax and its effect on the ability of businesses to create new jobs.

Read this column--click on the link above-- by Rick Haglund in MLive.com and how collections for the tax and its surcharge have declined.

But, businesses are claiming that its keeping them from doing more.

Get the legislative candidates coming to your door and showing up at local function to explain the tax and how it compares to the SBT and what alternatives are available.

Can they do it without resorting to tired cliches and platitudes?

Do you feel they understand the issue and can they explain it clearly to you?

Their answers affect you and your area directly.