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Can I take off four more pounds and then keep it off?

Today's weigh-in day for me with Weight Watchers Online.  Over a couple of weeks, I put on a pound plus and I was anxious about seeing the numbers this morning.

I'm a 63, almost 64 year-old baby-boomer, who has struggled with weight for a while.  I've taken it off a few times only to put it right back on within a year plus.  Given my age and risk factors, I know that it's vital for me to get it off now and to keep it off.

The scale said this morning that I had lost more than a pound from the previous week.  So, whatever I had gained I lost.  I am 203.4 and my next goal is 199 which I haven't seen in a long, long time.

Why do I mention this?  Simple, I'm approaching the year point on this program and I know where I can fall back and I don't want to.  That's why I need to be open and transparent about my effort to stay healthy. 

Super-wife and I are walking about an hour a day.  For my left knee which has very little meniscus in the joint, I do these walks with a knee brace with heavy-duty magnets.  It really works.