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Did you hear about Justin's Cafe where the sweet potato fries excel?

A bunch of folks know about our son Justin's love of cooking and for that matter eating too.  It's something he picked up starting when he was around two-years-old and would stand on a chair to help super-wife cook and bake.  He loved it.

When we visited my elderly aunt and uncle in Destin, Florida, he cooked a whole meal that dazzled them, especially my Aunt Aileen who has the reputation of being a top chef in her own right.

Check out these shots from "Justin's Cafe" where Gladys and I had lunch today.  We had a wrap with pieces of a chicken breast, some kind of cheese and pieces of raw apple.  It really moved the needle on my taste buds.  The sweet potato fries take eating lunch into a whole different orbit and a good one.

Here are some pics-by the way-it's not his restaurant, but I think he wishes it was.  It's near his home.

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