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Drinking "The Velvet Devil" from the Columbia Valley of WA with supper last night

Where does a good son take his parents on a hot Saturday afternoon?  Justin took us to Bells Wine Shop in the Dupont Circle neighborhood where we sampled 10 wines as a wine tasting.  It's a small store with an amazing selection of wine with a friendly-staff.

The three of us, including "super-wife", made it through the whole selection with the pour giving just enough for a small taste.  Here's what we settled on:  a 2008 Merlot-The Velvet Devil-from Charles Smith Wines in Mattawa, Washington which is in the Columbia Valley Region.

Did we like it?  Yes.  Details.  My palate is not developed to the point where I can separate out tastes like saying you can taste the blackberries on the front of the palate with a little bubble gum on the back palate.  But it was good with supper and an extended table discussion about politics, church and tech.

What did we do before the tasting?  We walked through the neighborhoods with the embassies.  Did we see Jack Bauer?  No.  But I was looking.  It looks like a neat area.