Drinking "The Velvet Devil" from the Columbia Valley of WA with supper last night
Michigan's snowbirds in Florida may have not been counted in U.S. Census

Michigan is still losing lots of blood because of unemployment

Nearly half of Michigan's people say an immediate family member has lost a job in the past two years, a new Detroit Free Press/WXYZ-TV poll shows. Barely one-third of us think the state's battered economy has begun to improve.

A new governor will be elected in November. Most of the current state legislators will be replaced.

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Michigan's leaders will be gathering at Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel for a big shindig to talk about our state's future.

Will they do more than strut their stuff and drink cocktails or will they get the message from the recent poll-click the above link-about how almost half of Michigan has an immediate family member touched by unemployment?

Our state is still hurting.

How do we get more jobs? Less taxes or more?

Personally, I would opt for less.