Michigan is still losing lots of blood because of unemployment
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Michigan's snowbirds in Florida may have not been counted in U.S. Census

Pendergast is one of thousands of “snowbirds” who go south for the winter. If not accurately counted, some estimates place the loss of federal revenue sharing for Michigan as high as $2 billion. The Census Bureau tells residents to fill out their form in the place where “they live for most of the year.”

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Just about everybody in Michigan knows somebody who is a "snowbird", somebody who spends their winters in Florida or other warm weather state.

Newsflash: This Grand Rapids Press story-click the above link-shows how the Census has failed to take this huge population group into account.

Question: How much will this failure to count lost local and state governments in our state?

Another question: This is something to ask candidates at all levels when they come to your door asking for your vote.