Why doesn't Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox enforce the state's "item pricing law?"
Could Tom Izzo's decison be an omen for the future of the state of Michigan?

Celebrating our son's birthday with the Sugar Shack Bakery in Lansing (MI)

The lick marks on my computer screen are the fault of the Sugar Shack Bakery in Lansing (MI) which specializes in gourmet cupcakes.  It's pictures of its daily cupcake line-up are of a quality to become pinups in offices around mid-Michigan.

That's why super-wife and I went there today to buy a cupcake to celebrate our son Justin's birthday today.  He lives in D.C., but we wanted to eat something to remind us of how sweet of a kids he is.  Check this video from Derek, the "Sugar Shack Man" and how he describes our purchase: