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Here's what to remember when you get crapped on in life

You know the drill. Things are going well, no crisis, no conflicts to speak of, pretty much smooth sailing.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, a storm hits. Maybe it's a crisis, or a hardship. Maybe it's a personal tragedy.

So what do you do when a hurricane-force storm hits and water is filling your boat?

Answer: You take heart. Because you are not alone.


Life can turn on a dime. One minute things are going well and the next, you're fighting to stay out of the dumpster.

How do you cope with that and what can you do?

Greg Laurie, a California pastor and speaker I've heard at several Promise Keepers events speaks to this in his devotion today.

It's a message that I need etched in my heart and my brain. I know that I'm not immune to any of life's twists and turns.