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Is Kwame Kilpatrick being pampered by the Michigan Department of Corrections?

A prison warden confirmed Friday that Kwame Kilpatrick is staying in an air-conditioned hospital room with a private shower but denied he is receiving treatment he shouldn't.

Warden Heidi Washington, who knew Kilpatrick when they both worked at the state Capitol, said she wants the former Detroit mayor isolated "for management reasons."


Read the above Detroit News story about Kwame Kilpatrick's treatment by the Michigan Department of Corrections as he's being processed into prison and you decide about how he's being treated.

In an e-mail to the Detroit News, one of the prison guards, says the former Detroit mayor is being treated like a rock star.

But, the warden says, no way. She says that he's in an air-conditioned hospital room. But that's only because of his celebrity status.

After he's processed into the system, should he be put into general prison population?

Should he be treated like many of his former constituents in the prison system who suffer hugely for making much smaller mistakes?