Is the rumor true about "super-wife" and me?
Author Andy Andrews of "The Noticer" talks about the oil spill in his backyard

Is President Obama starting to look and sound like Jimmy Carter?

The president is starting to look snakebit. He’s starting to look unlucky, like Jimmy Carter. It wasn’t Mr. Carter’s fault that the American diplomats were taken hostage in Tehran, but he handled it badly, and suffered.


Columnist Peggy Noonan-click above link--raises great discussion points about President Obama's response to the oil spill.

Can these questions be discussed without all the partisan shrillness that comes from both sides?

In Michigan, it seems like you're allowed to be either for or against anybody or anything. As a Republican, I'm not allowed to say he's my and our President too and I want him to move our country forward, but I have some questions or criticism.