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Is Tom Izzo showing that it's time for him to leave MSU?

But what he must answer, for his, his family's, and MSU's good -- and those are his primary responsibilities today -- is whether he has already separated to some irretrievable degree from his life with the Spartans.


There comes a time when it's right to leave a job. Everybody who's worked for a while knows that.

You can become bored with a job and you know it's time to leave.

Detroit News sports columnist Lynn Henning raises the question that Tom Izzo may have already mentally separated himself from the MSU job by waiting so long to make a decision about going to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Does he still have the loyalty to MSU that's needed to have a winning program or is he suffering from East Lansing burnout?

It might be time for MSU fans to wrap a bow around his Big Ten career, wish him well and start looking for a new $3 million a year coach.