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There's a lot to learn from the Old Testament in the Bible, particularly from the kings of Judah and Israel about the pickle that our state and the rest of the country is in right now.  No, it's not a political thing.  It's a God thing where individuals and leaders can start out with their attention in the right place, but get their hearts turned.

Yesterday at Ada Bible Church, we learned about King Joash who could have grown up in Michigan and rose to the seat of power and got off to a quick and focused start.  And then he started to pay attention to the wrong people.

And it was all downhill from there. 

There's a big lesson here for everybody from God's Word.  Check out an online video of the sermon.

What's it like going to a big church?  We like it, so far.  Do you like a big or small church or in between?  Click on this video for a glimpse of what it's like when church gets out.