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Learning how to live life in Lansing (MI) from the kings of Israel and Judah

Adabible I remember learning about the kings of Israel and Judah from the Bible while I was a very young elementary school student at Mt. Olive Lutheran School in Bay City (MI).  My mom had even saved some of the classroom worksheets from those days.  But, I didn't remember much more about their lives and why they would be important to me.

At church--Ada Bible Church--we've been learning about some of the kings and how they lived their lives and about their relationship with God and whether their heart was divided in their relationship with the Creator.  I knew about King David and his wandering eyes when he was on the roof of his residence.

But what about the others and how they relate to me.  Unlike the kings from the Bible, I am not tempted to worship Baal and I don't have an Asherah pole in my house.  But, I know that there are things that have distracted me from giving my heart fully to God.  And am I normal when my head gets turned from my Heavenly Father?

Pastor Jeff Manion does a great job of laying out the puzzle pieces on the table to help see the connection between these kings from the Bible and our lives right now.

Interested?  You can follow along online from this video archive of these teachings.