OUR GRANDSON'S FATHER: A video where Adam shares his thoughts
An informal portrait of the "Jones Family" with our new grandson, Xavier

Let me show you some pictures of my new grandson-Xavier Dominik Jones

This video shows Gladys getting her first look at her first grandchild, Xavier Dominick.  He was in Krista's labor and delivery room.  His eyes were open when we started talking to him.  He kept trying to suck his fist.

Here's a still of me holding Xavier. We talked for five minutes or so about a variety of topics including the new iPad, his great parents, Michigan State and topics like that. He looked interested.

Grandma Thorp holds Xavier while having an ear-to-ear smile on her face. His birth marks the official beginning of not only a new chapter in our life, but another volume of the set that has our story for the past 29 years.