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They were evasive, vague and cheap. Republicans Mike Cox and Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero fired off below-the-belt shots, apparently believing that a state ruined by bickering and bitter partisanship is hungry for more of the same. Democrat Andy Dillon and Republicans Mike Bouchard and Pete Hoekstra struck a more gentlemanly tone, but took the safest route possible on every question. And as for Republican Tom George, well, every tragedy needs a fool.

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Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley covered the debate yesterday on Mackinac Island between all the candidates for governor of Michigan, including Republicans and Democrats.

Check the quote above from his column about how he assessed the quality of their remarks.

He didn't like any of them because of their mediocrity.

Saying our state needs bold leadership for the coming years, he suggested we could be in for more of the same in partisan bickering in Lansing.

I like Finley's honesty.

Michigan's not only suffering from a lack of jobs, but a lack of leadership.