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Meandher It's our 29th anniversary today and it's Father's Day.  As we get ready to whoop it up today to celebrate starting with church, I am loaded down with wonderful memories from almost three decades.  What do I remember as I get ready to hop into the shower?  Here goes:

  • The best part of a mission trip to Mali in West Africa a few years ago was when I returned to our local airport and Gladys was waiting for me with a big smile at the bottom of the escalator.
  • Waiting for me in the parking lot with the kids in the back seat at lunch time so they could take me out to eat at McDonalds.
  • Seeing Gladys walk down the hallway at the hospital towards me the night my mom died.
  • Watching her interact with her students in her third grade classroom and seeing how much she enjoyed teaching.
  • Working with the kids when they were very young to fill her pre-school classroom with balloons to celebrate her birthday.
  • The loving look on her face when I caught up with her in a local grocery store on a Friday morning and seeing her unflappable look after telling her I had just been fired from my job.
  • Working together on a homemade video where she taught youngsters how to make change.
  • Being there with her for the birth of both kids.
  • Many, many walks through the neighborhood talking about issues in her classroom helping me see the importance of teachers and the complexity of teaching.
  • Sitting side-by-side when we took our Beagle to the vet to have her put to sleep.
  • Being on our downstairs couch watching tv as she worked at her desk putting together lesson plans.
  • Working through our daughter's first ear infection when she was an infant and not knowing why she wouldn't stop crying.

I could go on.  The memories are rich and they are vast and I thank God for each and everyone of them.  We continue to make more.  I have been blessed by being married to Gladys and I continue to be blessed.

To God be the glory.  It's all a gift from him and I know that.