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The clock has started counting down for our grandson "Rocky"

Our daughter Krista is less than a month away from giving birth to our first grandchild.  It's going to be a boy.  Still to be named, we have taken to calling him "Rocky."  We are ready to be grandparents.  Our cellphones are powered up and always near us as we await the call from Adam that super-daughter has gone into labor.

When the time comes, the world will know about the arrival of this special little guy.  In the meantime, while visiting our son Justin in Washington D.C., I held the baby daughter of two friends of his.  Check this picture.  It's been a while since I held a baby, but I know it will come back quickly.


Celebrating our son's 26th birthday a little early

We are home from our early celebration of our son Justin's 26th birthday on June 10th.  It's time to take a quick look back at our time with him in D.C. Every time we go to visit with him, we see something new in a city that pulses with activity.

Some stuff I missed in earlier posts:

  1. We had pizza one day at the seventhHill in the neighborhood of Eastern Market, a spot with lots of shops and hangouts and lots of young professional types who hang out there.  We had the "Barracks Row" pizza with tomato, mushroom, spinach, red onion and mozzarella.  It was great.  They also have sandwiches. 
  2. While walking by the front of the U.S. Capitol early Sunday evening, we passed a whole group of people of all ages who were riding Segways to see the sights.  Really neat.  Looks like the way to go. 
  3. On Sunday, Justin to us to the Roof Terrace Restaurant at the Kennedy Center for brunch.  Wow.  What a treat and what a feed with champagne and several great courses.  It radiated a scent of power and class that comes from such a venue.
Check the video with the first two clips from the seventhHill, the third of the Segways at the U.S. Capitol Building and the fifth of part of the buffet in the kitchen at the Kennedy Center.

Would repeal of 17th Amendment give more power back to the states?

The latest headline-grabber courtesy of the Tea Party is an effort to repeal the 17th Amendment -- you know, the one that lets people vote on senators.

Some Tea Party candidates who have succeeded in knocking off establishment figures in primary races are have called for a repeal of the amendment on the grounds that it would return power to states.


This story-click link above-is the first time I heard that the Tea Party movement was advocating repeal of the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which provides for the popular election of U.S. Senators.

The alternative would be to have senators picked by state legislatures.

This would balance out the power between the states and the federal government, according to the Tea Party.

Interesting idea. Would it work? Does it have a chance?

What about former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff's dealings with the White House?

The White House has just released its first official statement about the contact between former Colorado State House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and deputy White House chief of staff Jim Messina regarding Romanoff's Senate aspirations.


Chris Cillizza, the columnist with the Washington Post deserves an affirming nod for his column about how President Obama's White House is just as political as others.

Read the story above about how a White House operative dangled job possibilities in front of former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff to discourage him from running for the U.S. Senate from that state.

Is this different than any other White House? I think not.

It's time for both Republicans and Democrats to dial back on the self-righteousness, don't you think?

Should oil drilling be banned on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes?

Stabenow said as long as she remains in office, she will be opposed to offshore drilling on the American side of the Great Lakes. Canada has several slant drilling operations in Lake Erie.

"We should be engaging with the Canadians," she said. "I would love to see (a ban) on the Canadian side as well."


Did you know that Canadians had oil drilling on their side of Lake Erie?

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow from Michigan says we need to engage with our neighbors to to the north to stop the drilling.

What are the chances that an accident similar to the one that happened in the Gulf of Mexico could happen in Lake Erie?

Anybody have info about the company doing the Canadian drilling?

Is budget fight between Mayor Dave Bing and City Council a sign of what's to come?

A budget showdown is brewing in Detroit, after Mayor Dave Bing vetoed the City Council's spending proposal Wednesday and lit into members for slashing services.

Bing, who has spent much of his year in office preaching sacrifice, said the council's plan goes too far. The council slashed $31.8 million more than the $101 million Bing proposed in the $3.1 billion 2010-11 budget.


At a time when the city of Detroit needs strong leadership from its city government, there's this big conflict between Mayor Dave Bing and the City Council over the budget.

Check the link above to a Detroit News story about how Bing, a businessman, says the council cut too much and the council says it will override the mayor's veto.

Is this just usual mayor-city council rhetoric or is it a sign of deeper problems in the Motor City?

Check "voice-over" on this video about OExchange expanding web content sharing

My son-Justin Thorp-has talked about web standards ever since he was in high school.  He's had a vision for it and its many different aspects and most recently, it's with standards for sharing web content-OExchange- with all services.  This has power to pass along information.  The product is from Clearspring Technologies where he is the community manager.  The voice over for this video is done by him.  Check it out.