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Read this book if you are a "fatherless" son or daughter

Donald miller Donald Miller's book "Father Fiction: Chapters For A Fatherless Generation" has touched my heart and my soul like few others.  The Bible has given me hope for the future, but this book has helped me understand who I am and how my life has been affected by being fatherless.

The reason I write this post is to awaken the thousands who have experienced the same situation where you have never known your father and have felt abandoned by him.  You feel the existence of a black hole in your identity that you just can't quite put your heart around.

Being almost 64-years-old, I hesitate to write about this because I might seem like a "sissy" who should have just grown out of it.  At this point in my life, it would be almost easier to talk about erectile dysfunction than talk about the sting of never knowing my father who walked out of my life when I was a baby and who disowned me when I was in my twenties after finding him.

But, I know there are thousands like me of all ages who have never faced or dealt with what happened to them and don't fully understand what they feel and that they are not alone.

The author grew-up fatherless and dealt with the whole continuum of emotions and experiences.  It's something that shapes your whole life and affects who you regard yourself. 

When I read Miller's book, I felt internal tears and all I could think was that this guy gets it.  He's been there and I'm not as abnormal as I thought. 

There's a price to pay when a dad throws away his position as a dad and its his kids who pick up the check.  They pay.  It has happened in the past and it continues to happen.

I will read Miller's book again and maybe I'll cry on the outside and maybe I won't.  There's a thick scar there. 

What concerns me the most are the young kids growing up now who don't know their father. 

They need to understand what they feel and how to deal with it.

This book helps.