Could Tom Izzo's decison be an omen for the future of the state of Michigan?
Vacancy rates in downtown Detroit are at 70 percent

Read this if you have kids who will go to college in Michigan

Over the last 20 years, inflation was 64 percent, but tuition increased 233 percent at U-M and 318 percent at Eastern Michigan University. Looking at just the last decade, inflation was 29 percent, while tuition increased 84 percent at U-M and 130.4 percent at EMU.


When I go to church this morning, I need to thank God again that both of our kids are out of college.

Look at this story--click link above--from about how costs have increased at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.

Is this the situation for higher education around the country or just here in Michigan?

How important is a college education in the new economy?