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Should I press the red "Donate" button on the Phoenix Rescue Mission website?

I remember how I felt when I worked out in the sun in the country of Mali in West Africa when the temperature hit the 115 degree mark like it is in Phoenix, Arizona right now.  It may have been dry heat, but I constantly felt like the radiator in my body was going to boil over. Phoenix rescue mission

That's why my attention was grabbed by this video from the Phoenix Rescue Mission about the homeless in that city during this really hot part of the summer.  

They need help buying food and bottled water for their mission.  They are running short during this period when the temps get in the solid triple digits.  

Even though I live in a different part of the country,  I think I might contribute enough to buy a few cases of water.  Here's the video:

Summer of Hope from Phoenix Rescue Mission on Vimeo.