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Thinking about death on a Saturday morning in Michigan

Behind my sadness, I think, was the reminder that I too am getting older. The death of someone I listened to when I was young reminded me that time isn’t marching on—it’s running out!


It's almost seven in the morning here in mid-Michigan and the sun might come up today and I'm reading about how fast life marches by and how quickly death comes.

Every cliche about the quick passing of time and the seasons seems to becoming more true. It's almost the Fourth of July and it seems like I just put away the snow blower.

This devotion from the Our Daily Bread by Bill Crowder is a great reminder of the importance of being ready for when God says it's time to go.

He bases it on Psalm 90 written by Moses and which really exposes the shortness of life and how God choreographs everything from our birth to our death.