My wife gives one piece of advice to our son and to our daughter
Celebrating our son's birthday with the Sugar Shack Bakery in Lansing (MI)

Why doesn't Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox enforce the state's "item pricing law?"

How often do you go grocery or some other kind of shopping and find that an item you threw into your cart Video 50 0 00 03-30 didn't have a price or it had a price that didn't match the one that was scanned?

We had that happen to us today at the Menard's on the south side of Lansing where we purchased to new globes for the light fixtures in our downstairs bathroom.

My wife put them in our cart in spite of the fact there was no price on the globe nor on the shelve.  We both said they couldn't cost more than a couple of bucks each.  When we went through the checkout, we found that we were off by four dollars for each one.

That's irritating, but it's also in violation of the state's item pricing law.

What's your experience with item pricing in stores?  Do you ever have something marked one way and then scan at a higher cost.  Did you catch it?  How much do stores make each year by over-charging?

Why doesn't Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox enforce this state law that affects consumers so directly?