Are you afraid of or fearful for anything right now?
We learned about "contentment" in church yesterday

After one year with Weight Watchers Online, I'm below 200 pounds

I don't remember the last time I stepped on a scales and it said I was under 200 pounds, but it did this morning.

I've been using Weight Watchers Online for one year where I record everything I eat and stay within a certain number of points.  This means that I can eat normal people food, but do it with a certain degree of restraint.

When I stepped on the scales this morning, it read 198.4.  I should note that my official weigh-in day is Wednesday.  So that could change slightly.

My goal is to stay healthy.  I'm an almost 64 year-old baby-boomer who has seen friends become too personally acquainted with two words, risk-factor. 

How much health potential do I have?  I want to find out.