How are the churches in Michigan doing at "showing up?"
Have we made LeBron James and other athletes into false gods?

Michigan Lutherans are retooling their ministry efforts in the city of Detroit

Still more have said that “Lutheranism” can no longer impact Detroit like it once did because of Detroit's multi-nationalism and multi-culturalism.


There appears to be a reformation of sorts going on in Michigan with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod about their involvement in the city of Detroit which could be duplicated in other urban areas of the state.

Click on the link above which is underneath the quote at the top of this post and you'll read about an effort being led by Pastor David Maier, the president of the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Its pure Gospel ministry that touches the lives of individuals in both an everyday and an eternal way.

The effort is bold and outside of the usual paradigm for his denomination which has the perception of being staid and set in its ways.

This is worth watching and putting on your prayer list.