My Bible verse for the week: Hebrews 12:1-2--Running the race with endurance
My son-Justin Thorp-says "Stay hungry, stay foolish"

My weight this morning proves that Weight Watchers Online works

I stepped on the scales this morning to verify that my weight loss efforts were working and I saw the Scales number in this photo which shows that I'm still under 200 pounds. This is music to the ears of this almost 64-year-old baby-boomer.

A year-ago, two words started to scare me:  risk factor.  I've seen friends suffer through heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes.  I knew that I was voluntarily standing in line waiting to get one or more of those.

That's where Weight Watchers Online comes in along with my wife, Gladys, who whole-heartedly endorsed and joined by effort to get more healthy. 

It's working.  Just check this picture of the scales below which I took this morning.  For perspective, I was 248 two years ago when I weighed in during a physical and a year ago, I was 238.