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Do city residents need to take a lesson from Detroit's Russell Woods neighborhood?

They'll have to if Detroit is to escape becoming a lawless city. I've read a shocking string of reports lately in which Detroiters talk about rarely seeing a cop car on their streets, the impossibility of getting police to respond to their calls for help, the sense that criminals know they can get away with anything because no one is enforcing the law.


Do you live in a Michigan city and are you concerned about over-worked cops responding when you need their protection?

Check out the above Detroit News story about residents of the city's Russell Woods neighborhood and how they responded when an elderly woman was raped in her own home.

This happened in a neighborhood of the city that's regarded as being safe and very livable.

Citizens responded by taking responsibility for protecting each other, rather than depending first on the police.

Is this going to become the pattern for those who want to live safely in a Michigan neighborhood?