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It's dirty businesses, reflects a disdain for the intelligence of voters, recklessly distracts from the real issues and exposes the Democrat's win-by-any- means-necessary mentality.

via detnews.com

Forget hearing a real debate about the issues facing Michigan from the Democratic and Republican candidates this fall.

Democratic candidate Virg Bernero and city of Lansing mayor is to far behind in the polls that he will have to go on the attack against Rick Snyder his Republican opponent.

That means the only way Bernero can win is by publicly urinating in a figurative sense all over his opponent. There will be accusations from Virg along with shouting, screaming and lots of volume.

The Detroit News' Nolan Finley writes about that today-click above link-and warns Michigan voters to not expect a debate. It will be about nastiness.

Voters should expect and demand more. Right?