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How can public schools say they are underfunded?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the per-student operating cost of Michigan’s public schools nearly quadrupled from 1960 to 2007, from $2,991 in 1960 to $11,337 in 2007, as measured in 2007 dollars. Therefore, insinuations by the school establishment that its funding has undergone some dramatic decline in recent years should be taken with a large grain of salt. (These per-pupil operational expenses do not include school buildings and other capital spending.)


Here in mid-Michigan public schools maintain that they've lost funding during the past several years.

Click on the link above and read these stats from the Mackinac Center about how public school funding has risen from $2,991 per pupil in 1960 to $11,337 in 2007. And this is measured in 2007 dollars.

What's the story? Are public schools and public school teachers just whining or does the Mackinac Center have it wrong?

The annual MSU vs. U of M football game is no longer a big deal

July 30 marked the 1,000th day since Michigan last beat the Spartans in football, and it became a high holiday for MSU fans desperate for anything football-related worth commemorating.


Around here there was only one college football game that mattered during the fall and that was the MSU vs. U of M. Everything stopped on gameday and the trash-talking on both sides started weeks before the big day.

It's changed and this column by Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press really points it out.

These two teams are "mediocre" he writes and heaven forbid, it's true.

Michigan had always been at the top of the football heap. They took pride in their play. One name personified that excellence and that was "Bo." Michigan State reached that peak a couple of times during the days of Duffy.

No longer. It's changed.

Thinking about "gnats" as I get ready for church

Is God trying to get your attention through some circumstances in your life? Is He trying to persuade you to get back in step with Him? (Gal. 5:25).


Remember the Bible story about how God persuaded Pharaoh to let the children of Israel leave Egypt. There were a bunch of plagues, including gnats.

As I get ready to go to church, I read the devotion from Our Daily Bread about how God tries to get our attention. He uses circumstances.

It's so easy for me to take the eyes of my heart off of God.

I pray that God helps me listen for what he's trying to teach me.

We are re-watching Michael Palin go "Around The World in 80 Days"

Right now, I'm watching British actor Michael Palin go "Around The World in 80 Days" again.

His travels are on four old video tapes we discovered while re-arranging our basement and wondering if our antique video tape machine still worked.  My wife who can better manage the three different remotes in our entertainment center figured it out.  This opened a VHS tape world of many movies we haven't seen in years.

Our family was introduced to Palin when the shows were first on PBS.  On Saturday nights when our kids finished their baths we would watch an installment of his travels on the tapes we purchased.

The episodes are a prequel to today's Amazing Race, but done with a 1980's edge.  Well, he's just leaving Cairo and it's time to get back to the show.  It's definitely not time to take the tape machine and tapes to Goodwill.


AN UPDATE: My life as reflected through almost 2,000 blog posts

Meandgoldwater This is my personal blog. It's a place where I can go to help sort out my life as an almost 64-year-old     baby-boomer who realizes that I have more life behind me than I do ahead.  I know that it's more important than ever to only do those things that I feel the need to do.

My life agenda has changed over the years and I can see it reflected through these almost 2,000 blog posts. Getting to this point has involved struggles, some mild and others intense.

As somebody on the front end of being a senior citizen, I can see many more changes.  And I know the importance of being focused on what I want and being able to discard what I don't want.

I invite you to participate in this journey and to share yours.  I've always appreciated being able to learn from others, as I hope somebody can learn from me.

My updated profile

So you know me a little better, here's an updated version of my "about me."  It's a brief profile of who I am in bulleted form with an emphasis on what's important to me and how that's changing:

  • I get my core identity from Jesus Christ who made me a saved sinner.  I will continue writing about the "who, what, when, where, how, why and so what of this relationship.
  • My life has been shaped greatly by my wife, Gladys, who has always shown me unconditional love and with whom I've participated in almost 30 years of memories.  Sharing daily life experiences with her is the closest that I've come to real joy.  I will continue writing about her.
  • My now adult children have shown me a whole new dimension of life. I wear the title "dad" proudly on my figurative shirtsleeve.  I will continue writing about Krista, Justin, my son-in-law Adam and my grandson Xavier.
  • My love-hate affair with politics and journalism has been a big part of my life.  I was born with a passion to change the world.  I got involved in politics at a young age with my interest evolving as I get older.  I worked as a newspaper reporter and saw the field devolve into a force of minimalism.  I will continue to write about that and what I read.

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