Is Republican governor candidate Rick Snyder a real or a pretend geek?
I wonder how Ronald Reagan would have handled our economic problems

Rick Snyder's campaign staff needs to sit him down and give him the word

What kind of smartphone does Rick Snyder have?  A new Apple iPhone?  A Droid?  Does he even have a smartphone?  I want to know.

I also want to know how he uses it.  Does he, himself, send tweets from his phone to communicate directly with the voters?  Does he even know what Twitter is?  Does he write on the wall of his Facebook page or does he have a staffer do it?

He talks about totally re-inventing Michigan.  Go to his website and look for this topic and you'll find in small type a word-smithed explanation of what that means.  Can he explain it in his own voice?  Can he do it online?  Can he engage people online about it?

Why doesn't he blog?  It's a perfect way to connect himself and his ideas with voters throughout the state and for them to kick his tires.  He has a blog, I think, but it appeared to be nothing more than a billboard for his news releases.

This guy is not too old for these new tools to connect people.  My 85-year-old aunt has an iPad and she uses it everyday.  My 87-year-old uncle is on Facebook and he uses it.

If Snyder is serious about changing Michigan, he needs to do more than share his ideas.  He needs to listen and he needs to engage.

I've not seen evidence of that yet.

His campaign communications staff needs to spend some quality time with him to bring him to full nerd status.  He hasn't shown that he's there yet.  If he can't communicate more effectively, he'll meet the same fate as Dick Devos.