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The annual MSU vs. U of M football game is no longer a big deal

July 30 marked the 1,000th day since Michigan last beat the Spartans in football, and it became a high holiday for MSU fans desperate for anything football-related worth commemorating.


Around here there was only one college football game that mattered during the fall and that was the MSU vs. U of M. Everything stopped on gameday and the trash-talking on both sides started weeks before the big day.

It's changed and this column by Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press really points it out.

These two teams are "mediocre" he writes and heaven forbid, it's true.

Michigan had always been at the top of the football heap. They took pride in their play. One name personified that excellence and that was "Bo." Michigan State reached that peak a couple of times during the days of Duffy.

No longer. It's changed.