Spending some extended quality time with my two month-old grandson
Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#2

Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#1


Meandmygson Dear Xavier--

Why would your "grandpa" write you a letter on his blog when you're just a couple of months old and can't read? 

It's simple.  When you get old enough and when you need reminders about your extended family and where you came from, I want you to be able to go to Google and be reminded.

I've learned that knowing your background and being familiar with your roots is really important as you grow older.  It gives you a sense of identity that helps you understand who you are and gives you answers for simple things like that dimple in your chin and complicated questions that come up when you least expect it.

I can only speak for one side of your family, your mom who is my daughter.  However, I've come to know your dad through many conversations, cups of coffee, a few beers and through a bunch of daily life experiences.  I saw the excitement in his eyes the day you were born and I see how much he loves you and your mom.

When you mom came last weekend to can applesauce with grandma, you and I had a chance to spend a lot of time together.  With you sitting on my lap on a favorite corner of our couch, we talked. Actually, I talked and you listened.  I gave you a bunch of bottles.  We watched a MSU football game.  Then there was a long stroller walk through our neighborhood.

It all reminded me of one important thing.  God has blessed me greatly by giving me a tremendous family.  Never forget that you were created specially by Him and never forget that He made you one of a kind. 

And because of that you are special and you are a winner. Don't ever forget that.

I miss you.  More later.

Grandpa Thorp