Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#1
Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#3

Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#2

Dear Xavier-There's so much that you and I need to talk about that I don't know where to start.  It won't Xavierbottle be long and you will be able to talk and ask questions and give your opinion.

While we are waiting for that time to come, I would like to share some information about your extended family on your mom's side.  These are some of the people whose DNA (you can learn about what that is later) you share and who helped contribute bits and pieces to who you are.

But, first, you need to be reminded of the two most important people in your life right now, your mom and your dad.  They love you with an unconditional love that comes only from very special parents.  I know your dad pretty well, but, I know your mom really well.  She's our daughter and I'll tell you some stories about her down the line.

You also need to know that you are loved by God.  He created you specially as one of a kind.  You are His child too.

These are some of the people from my side of the family that you need to know and who we will talk more about later:

  • Great-grandma Thorp, my mom and your great grandmother:  She's a very special lady who was born and raised on a small farm in the Thumb of Michigan and who had five sisters and six brothers. Her life and that of her brothers and sisters should be a movie.  She was full of love, she was stubborn and she never gave up and she loved Jesus with all her heart.  I'll share more about her.
  • Grandma Thorp, your mom's mom and my wife:  What a lady!  Look at your mom and your Uncle Justin and you will see your Grandma Thorp.  She loves with a love that can only reflect the love that she gets from Jesus.  She's been a world-changer for me.  She and I have done a lot of living in the past 29 years.  I want to share with you what makes her special.
  • Uncle Justin, your mom's brother and our son:  He's an extraordinary guy who has a special place in his heart for you.  He's incredibly loyal and he's a person you can count on.  He and I have done lots of stuff together.  I will tell you about some of it and I bet he will too.
  • My Uncle Wes who I was named after:  I have lots of aunts and uncles who I want to tell you about because they are all people who made significant contributions to my life.  But I got my name from Uncle Wes because I was born on his birthday.  He was a loving guy who was an auto mechanic who loved the sound of a finely-tuned engine even when he was an old man.  He had a fiery temper.  More about that later.
  • My Uncle Ron who's still living and who's 87-years-old:  He's another uncle who's married to my Aunt Aileen.  I will write more about her later.  I mention Ron because he and my other uncles were male role models for me.  He's one of two who are still living.  The other is Uncle Ralph who has experienced the hard challenges of life and is winning.  
  • There's a common thread with all these people.  They met life head on.  Their challenges would have been insurmountable for most people.  But, they never forsake their relationship with Jesus Christ through all the ups and downs and victories and defeats of life. 

    Xavier, as you get older, spend time with Jesus.  Learn what that means.  Lots of relationships count, but it's that one with him that counts the most.  He loves you little man and I love you too.  Talk to you later.

    Grandpa Wes