Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#2
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Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#3

Dear Xavier-It's Saturday afternoon and I was wondering what you're doing right now.  I bet you're Xaviersmile watching college football with your dad.  Enjoy every minute you spend with your dad and when your words start coming talk to him, ask him questions.  He's a quality person and a key influencer in your life.

Another major person in your life is your mom, my daughter.  For much of your early life, your view of the world and everything in it will be affected by her along with your dad. 

You will be affected by what she views as important, fun, necessary, responsible, life-giving, healthy to your body and your soul and much more.  She's the product of her DNA (see letter #2) and of her environment while growing up.  She had two grandma's, your Great-grandma Thorp and your Great-grandma Frank.

Today, I would like to share about Great-grandma Thorp, my mom.  And, as your read, see if you can spot any similarities to your mother.  It's amazing to see how God passes on traits, characteristics, attitudes, mannerisms and preferences for food from one generation to another.

I will probably write many letters about my mom because her life had many pieces.  Here's a start:

  • She was born on a farm in 1909 in the Thumb of Michigan into the Charles Moll family.  She was the oldest girl of 12 brothers and sisters, six boys and six girls.  They were all born in their farmhouse. 
  • Their family was poor and it was supported by a farm where sugar beets was a key crop.  They required lots of hard, back breaking work which was done by my grandfather and my aunts and uncles.
  • 3156991119_0cd4e5ff1b_m My Grandpa and Grandma Moll died while their kids were still young with some barely being adults and others being just kids.  They were left to raise themselves.
  • For most people in this situation, this would be an impossible task.  They had the common goal of keeping their family together.  This all happened during the Great Depression and continued through World War II. 
  • Their story is one that could be made into a movie or a televsion series.
  • There's lots of spaces to fill-in and to share with you and I will.  You will be impressed.  These are your ancestors, people who I looked up to as I grew to become an adult.  And they are part of you. 

    One common thread runs through their whole lives.  They had many ups and many, many downs.  But, regardless, of how hard life got, they always grabbed on to their faith in Jesus Christ.  They knew the only real hope and they never let loose of that.

    Your mom and dad have that hope.  Look for it.  Get them to talk about it and to explain where they get their purpose in life.

    I love you Xavier.  I'm proud to be one of your two grandfathers.  You are a winner and you are one of a kind special as a child of God.

    Grandpa Thorp