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Should public schools give free breakfasts to all students?

This school year, Linsday Elementary, 607 LaSalle, joined MacGregor Elementary, Washington Elementary and Wenona Center in the Bay City Public Schools district in offering free breakfast in the classroom to all students.

Funding for the program comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the same agency that funds free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs in all Bay County schools.


This story about Lindsay Elementary School in Bay City giving a daily free breakfast to all students caught my attention.

I grew up a short distance from the school and went to a Lutheran school right next to Lindsay's playground.

The two schools are on the westside of Bay City in a section of town called Banks because of its location on the Saginaw River.

It might be struggling economically, but it's not poor and it's not a slum.

Should it be the parents' responsibility to feed their kids before they go to school in the morning? Are the schools overstepping their proper role?