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Letters to my two-month old grandson Xavier-#1

Spending some extended quality time with my two month-old grandson

I've only been a grandparent for a little than two months, but I can say I love this new role.  While singing in church tomorrow, I need to sing a little louder to let God know how much of a gift he has given me in bringing our grandson Xavier into our lives.

For me it's a whole new level of relationship that I never experienced because my grandparents died before I was born. 

I've had a chance to experience it again this weekend for an extended period of time when our daughter drove north from out-of-state to can applesauce with my wife.  While they worked I spent extended periods of time with my grandson. 

I gave him six bottles, held and talked to him, walked throughout the house looking out windows and talked about birds and other animals, watched MSU play Western Michigan at football today and took a long stroller ride.

Xavier has great parents and a tremendous extended family.  He is loved.  But, I'm particularly happy to be one of his grandparents.  Here are a few pictures:



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