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My last day in some of the most extreme poverty in the world

I'm sitting outside overlooking a small courtyard in an orphanage/guesthouse at quarter-to-five in the morning. It's our last day in Haiti and my mind is filled with thoughts as my body is covered with grime and sweat. I've seen vast extremes here. Many people live in what can be best described as a hovel. The tent cities we see on the news don't come close to seeing them in real life. It's many steps below basic living. On the other end, I see the continual smiles from the Haitians. I think of two youmg guys who I spent a lot of time talking to on rides to our work site. One, Jamie, gave me a gospel presentation. He says he has real hope and he say s it with conviction. His hope is in Jesus Christ and he say a he wins regardless of what happens to him. He says this as we ride through air pollution that you could cut witn a knife and which made breathing an exercise. What did I learn from this past week? I'm going to spend some time sorting that out. Meanwhile, as you get ready to go to church this weekend, remember to pray for Haiti and it's people.