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Our new "Apple TV" could wean us off Comcast cable

We got our new Apple TV device yesterday and hooked it up, configured it and had fun playing with its different features.  We really like it so far and we are finding that it could get us to drop Comcast for a more cafeteria stye paradigm for watching television.

Here's what we did with this new device:

  1. Streamed Netflix videos right to our television.  We watched Kite Runner and part of the musical Annie.  That leaves us with about 10,000 additional choices.
  2. Watched YouTube videos I had posted with my Flip video camera.  I've uploaded more than 500 video snippets and it was fun watching our grandson on our tv, as well as video from various vacations and events.
  3. We watched a video podcast from Ada Bible Church.  We watched the first portion of a sermon by Jeff Manion on Ephesians.  This is a great way to review or to catch-up.
  4. We viewed some of my 8,000 pictures posted on Flickr.  This was a hoot to look at the old photos.

I know there's more that it can do.  We are happy with our $99 purchase so far.  We will review what we want from tv and see how well we can get that from this device and from the various offerings on the Internet.  Here's a video of what it looks like as I take it out of the box: