I really like this pic of me and my grandson Xavier
AMAZON'S PRIME SHIPPING: We bought our GoLean cereal from Amazon

A KID BRAG: My son Justin featured at Washington D.C. "Sweet and Tweets"

Hey, I'm shamelessly proud of my kids,  In this blog, I've talked about my daughter, her husband, my grandson and today, it's my son's turn.  I just noticed that Justin will be the featured speaker next week at Washington DC's "Sweets and Tweets." 

This is a regular get-together of web and social media types in the DC area sponsored by Debbie Weil who has been a pioneer in bringing blogging to businesses and who has taken scores of business types by the hand to lead them through changes in the way we communicate. 

Wearing my proud dad hat, I invite you to check out the online promotion for Justin's talk.  I hope somebody makes a video and posts it online.  Hint, hint.