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AMAZON'S PRIME SHIPPING: We bought our GoLean cereal from Amazon

Amazonprime We are experimenting for a month with Amazon's Prime shipping program where you pay seventy-some bucks for free shipping to have something shipped in two-days.  And do you know that Amazon has a whole lot more than books, lots of grocery items and other household stuff.

We bought a six-pack of GoLean cereal for a price that's a bunch cheaper than our local Meijers supermarket.  We are looking for other items that we buy on a regular basis.

Does it pay to go this way?  Can you achiieve enough savings during the course of a year to make back the fee and save more?  Or is it just a convenience factor?  Is this an answer for baby-boomers and other senior citizens who are looking for an alternative to the supermarket?

We get one month free before having to make a decision to keep it or not.  Do you have experience with Prime Shipping?  Was it worth it?

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