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My first reaction to the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program

image from If you put the terms "weight watchers" into the search engine on this blog, you will see that I have been a big fan of Weight Watchers Online.  I'm a member of the first-class of baby-boomers who has see-sawed up and down on weight as I've gotten older.

Weight Watchers Online has worked for me and with the help of super-wife, I've lost a significant amount of weight which has allowed me to give up a blood pressure med and which has eased up pain in a knee that has minimal meniscus.  I'm sold.

But, then comes today and the major switch in the way Weight Watchers figures points and how they assign values to food.  I find it confusing.  I also have questions about what we do now with the Weightwatchers cookbooks and other publications containing outdated point values.

The company should have provided more consumer education to make sure it's understood right.  There's also a certain temptation to think they made this change to require customers to buy new books.

What about other Weight Watchers?  How's the first day working for you?