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My second day reaction to the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program

Please note:  Here's a link to my first reaction to the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan

It's day two for us with the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program and all I can say is that I'm glad we're retired and have time to figure out the new weight loss points system.  It's a complete revamp of what we've used where I've taken off 40 pounds and kept it off. 

5221891748_b7b28133f5 Super-wife and I have gone through our kitchen to refigure the points value for the foods that we eat on a regular basis. 

If you're new to the program each food and each item that I drink has a points value and I'm allowed a certain number of points each day.  I can get more points for exercise and I'm allowed a set number of extra points to splurge on.

Not only has Weight Watchers changed the point values, they have changed the criteria which means that everything is different. 

Look at the picture in this post and you'll see a Weight Watchers cookbook and two other smaller books with point values for restaurant eating and for going to the grocery store.  We also have a sliding cardboard calculator for figuring points values in the kitchen.  That's all changed.

I feel that Weight Watchers has abused my relationship with them and needs to take steps to make it good.  They need to be more open and transparent about what's happening and they need to provide some kind of financial remediation for people who have invested in their tools.

And they need to more clearly explain the new program and how to make the transition from the old.  Perhaps, they need to give people the option to keep the old program.

I'm a 64-year-old guy who has had a problem with weight and the online version of Weight Watchers has worked for me.  I know that I need to wean myself away from it and depend more on myself. 

I'm anxious to hear the experiences of others who are part of the program.