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Pray for Haiti today as it votes for president

I wonder how many churches in the United States will be praying today for Haiti as it goes to the polls to 5093620437_1850a61b1f_m select a new president.  I raise this question after being home from a mission trip to that country about a month and a half ago.

What we saw is hard to put into words that anybody in this country can relate to.  The words "living in squalor" don't do justice to what's happening to the people who live there.  There's the hunger, the disease, the thousands and thousands of orphans, the living conditions and the paralysis of the little bit of government that's left there.

The country needs leaders with vision and character who can help reverse the what has happened especially after the earthquake and the scourge of cholera which appears to being continuing there.

Read this New York Times story today about the election and you will see that the obstacles to a better life there continue.  I don't know what the answers are, but praying for them seems to be a good start and with the election today, this is a perfect time to ask God's provision for them.