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Reading a book to my five-month-old grandson Xavier

Meandxman It's the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving and our daughter, son-in-law and our grandson Xavier will be heading home right after lunch.  They will be moving to North Carolina with a stop in Indy. 

We celebrated an early Christmas with them on Friday night and one of the gifts we gave our grandson Xavier was a book--That's Where God Is--by Dan and Ali Morrow.  It's a great little book for a grandchild and it's built around a grandpa talking to his grandson about where God is.

For the next week after that cozy chair conversation, the grandson finds God in all types of places and then on the next visit with his grandpa, he reports back.

Because of distance, I won't be able to read it to him in person very often.  So my son-in-law Adam, his father, did a video of me reading it to him.  That way I can read it to him through the video whenever his mom or dad click on it. 

By the way, it's a great book.  I'd highly recommend it as a gift for your grandchild.