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Starting my mid-Michigan day off with God's Word: Moses and the snake in his hand

If you have a tendency to despair over lost opportunities or if you worry about the future, ask yourself this question: “What is right in front of me?”


Dailybread Life seems to be zooming by as I read this devotion from Our Daily Break-click on the above.

For me, it's way too easy to look through my internal rearview mirror at what I've missed and about what lies ahead.

This devotion by Dennis Fisher of Radio Bible Class is based on Exodus 4:1-5 where Moses is chatting with God about what lies ahead. Moses has serious doubts.

God reminds him to look at what's in front of him. It was a stick that turned into a snake. When he picked it up it became a stick again.

I pray today that God opens my heart to what's right in front of me that shows what he can still do in my life.