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Will they be celebrating Christmas in North Korea this year?

I have been following the news this past week about North Korea and its efforts to assert itself militarily.

Samaritans With Christmas a little more than a month away, I wondered if anybody in that country will be celebrating the birth of Jesus.  How many there know or have been offered the truth of John 3:16 and all the hope that it offers?

A quick Google check shows that Christians in North Korea are persecuted and that Bibles and Christian literature are forbidden.  Here's what I found:

  • Wikipedia says that a little more than one percent of the North Korean population is Christian and that Christians in that country are subject to governmental persecution.
  • Mission Network News says that to get gospel materials into North Korea that big balloons filled with tracts have been launched from China into North Korea.
  • Korea Christian Gospel Mission writes that before World War II the capital of North Korea was a center for Christianity in Asia, compared to now with its repression of any Christian activity.
  • Samaritan Purse's Franklin Graham has developed a relationship with North Korean officials allowing the organization to send relief supplies for recent disasters and for him to present the Gospel.  He felt optimistic that officials were becoming more receptive to hearing the Good News.

So what can we do to help encourage the spread of the Gospel in that country.  Right now, it seems like prayers for that country and for its felt and real needs should be the number one thing.