Would Michigan be better off without one-party rule?
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Does Rick Snyder lift his skirt high enough to see more than his knees?

But for many Michigan residents, the only really tangible measure of Snyder's success will be the answer to one question: Do I have a job and money in my pocket?

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We need to change our attitude about living in Michigan, according to Rick Snyder who will become governor on Saturday.

Read the above story in today's Detroit Free Press where he says our state is in such bad shape that it can't be fixed. He says, it has to be reinvented.

One of the things he might do, according to the story is start a web-based dashboard where state residents can check his stats on affecting household income and such other economic indicators in Michigan.

Does he get it? He's still thinking and acting like a CEO where you can rule from the top down. Being governor of a state is more than that.

He talks in clipped and crafted generalities that mean little.

Snyder brags about his "nerd" type attitude. If that means, he understands the age of social media and building community, then he needs to kick it into high gear.

Google Cluetrain Manifesto, one of the foundational documents for our new age of communication and you'll see that the marketplace has changed. CEO-style communicating through news releases and canned speeches doesn't work like it used to.

The marketplace, whether of ideas or products, expects conversation that's transparent and two-way.

Has anybody seen that yet with Rick Snyder? I haven't.