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Has the economy in Michigan slowed down Christmas tree sales?

  There seemed to be fewer cars at the choose and cut Christmas tree lot south of Lansing where we cut 5212486065_25df66624e_m our tree down this year.  In the past, the farm's parking lot would be packed with cars and with families trying to find just the right tree to celebrate the holiday.

This raises the question about the effect of the economy on people being able to afford the $35 and more for an average size tree.  Are more or less being sold?  I'm told it's too early to tell.

Just curious about what you are doing this year:

  • Are you putting up a tree?  Bigger or smaller?
  • Is the poor economy holding you back from getting one?
  • What kind do you buy?  Real or artificial? 
  • What age group do you fall in?  Baby-boomer?  Older?  Younger?

We made our annual trek to the tree farm with our adult daughter, son-in-law and five month-old grandson.  It was cold but it was fun.  But where were all the people?

Here are links to some Michigan Christmas tree facts:

  1. WKAR Radio--story about changing Christmas tree preferences in Michigan with some good interviews by reporter Rob South.
  2. Michigan Christmas Tree Association--its website is filled with interesting and helpful facts and check out the YouTube videos about the various species grown in Michigan.